“Nameless” by Alan Valle Monagas

Accelerated evolution,
It goes faster.
My vision expands
From a cone to a circle,
Geometric shapes
Manifest before me
And become a specter
Surrounding me
A panoramic fractal,
In vibrant colors.

Alan Valle Monagas


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“Bed” by Alan Valle Monagas

The coldness of the outside world is comforting,
As long as we are on our square-springboard mattress.
A silky-smooth cover, becomes our second skin,
We rub our heads and faces against the pillow,
We remember we were once children, a willow
In a womb – our desire to sleep is rooted at birth,
Like royal felines, in our sacred-chambers,
Until we remember, we’re not the only members.
We must wake from our dreams, dress, and leave.

Bring company over, an other’s flesh to feel warmer,
Even if our world gets colder.
If you stay too long, my friend,
You are only calling an early end.

“Icaros” by Alan Valle Monagas

It all started outside the bar,
Swills and banter with the boys.
All of a sudden, he approached,
A lonesome and cute puppy.

Lovely lost little baby.
Brave, red collar around his neck.
No name, no number.

I grabbed him,
Took him with me,
To save him,
Find him a home.
And even though,
Everyone loved him –
Everyone just said no.

A week later,
I gave him to my grandma.
A week later,
She gave him back to me.

My aunt convinced her,
To reject the pup.
When I arrived there,
He was in a box.
When I picked it up,
It broke,
And she laughed,
It was a foul prank.

I remember the way,
He licked my arm,
While I was petting him.

My beautiful beast
With light brown fur
and white spots,
Around his jaw
And on his paws.

I wish you were here,
Little baby I caressed
While he rested
Comfortably on my chest.

It finally happened.
I was on my knees,

He tried to cross a road
Prancing to his savior,
But a car was coming.
And I saw him mangled.

It was too much.
Having to lift him up,
His broken bones,
As his ribs shifted
Between my fingers.
He was crying.

And I cried and cursed,
As loud as a man could.
The entire neighborhood heard,
And the person who ran him over
Stopped, and sped off.

He was still alive,
I put him in a box
And drove to the vet,
To end his life.

I yelled at God and Satan,
Whoever demanded his sacrifice.
I don’t want your love.
You allowed the Devil to laugh,
Beside our broken bodies.
Why didn’t I keep him in a leash?
No one to told me to.
Why didn’t I keep him in a leash?

I no longer have him,
To keep me warm at night.
His beautiful loyalty.
Loved him more than anything.

He always ran to my side.
His front paws on the side
Of the bed, he wags his tail
And cries for me, to help him.

I can’t do anything else,
Just bend over and cry.
Red and white lights strobe outside,
An ambulance, for my neighbor.

Alan Valle Monagas

“Drake” by Alan Valle Monagas

We drove around the city, frantically
Fearful of every bump in the road.
Looking for a clinic, a sign
For anybody that could save his life.
Nobody answered, harsh lights
A Holiday night, the time
Acted against us.
Wounded past eleven
Missed the mark by minutes
We were left helpless,
With no other choice
Everything was closed
Except for his wounds,
We went back home,
Grabbed gauzes and strings
Mercury and adhesives
In our quiet desperation
While our hands trembled
Medicine dripping and spilling.
When we finally grabbed
A good look at his wounds,
We could not believe
What we were seeing.
Skin ripped from the neck, stomach, back
All exposed flesh, meat like brains
Profusely spilling his blood.
A bite that tore
And revealed his insides
On his right hind leg
Deep enough to fit
A thumb and knuckle in.
What I felt that night
Was difficult to describe.
God likes playing jokes,
And we can blame ourselves
All we like, or we can learn
From mistakes, and avoid
Our same suffering.
We learned this was the best,
To avoid heartaches and pain,
To protect the life of our loved ones
Truth be told, to protect ourselves
From our misery, when we face Death
Knowing our loved ones won’t be around
To cheer us up, drown our loneliness
Of an ‘I’ left as a witness
Cursed consciousness,
Everything is perfect as it is.
Chaos’ distress,
When money becomes worthless,
Cannot buy treatment
For family, close to death.

When our last moments are spent
Collecting bloodstains
On our clothing, from holding
Them close. Warmth,
Try and make their last moments
A comfort through their torment.

If only I had knowledge,
To stand up to this God’s reign,
To stitch your open wounds.
Life demanded it be you.

God persists,
Demanding sacrifices,
Which should not even exist.

Alan Valle Monagas

“Market” by Alan Valle Monagas

Every day, after school,
Bryan stood outside.
He waited for his ride
Away from the idiots.

When I heard he died,
I thought he took his life.
He was bullied and unhappy,
Like many others before him.

With his death, a curtain lifted,
Revealing hidden details,
A closet’s oblivion,
He was gay.

He died sitting on a chair,
Complaining of headaches.
His mother looked away
For a second,
When she turned back
Bryan was dead.

We must remember.
Life is short-lived,
But memories last forever.