“Weight of Her Words” by Alan Valle Monagas

We lose sight of the beauty,
Surrounding us in our lives.
Eyes that waver to the ground,
Are we afraid to look around?

You asked why I was laughing,
At our dinner table,
Mentioning how we were drunk,
Two complete wrecks,
Well, I laughed because I was
Unarmed, the world seemed to stop,
Staring into each other’s eyes;
All our problems had died.

We wander around the world,
Attached so closely to others.
Hoping they match with an idea
Or a figure we have created,
In the depths of our minds: fantasies
Some of which die in time, but others
Fortify, like the glow in her eyes.

Some people fall in love through passion,
Bonds based upon instincts and actions.
The sensation of a stranger’s touch,
Is there any other honest rush?
What happens to their flame afterwards?
Will it burn once they’re familiar?

Some of us walk alone but fulfilled,
Aware we don’t need other people
To reach our own greatest potential.
A lonely minority that tries:
To forget feelings that are crucial,
Humans, we are all mammals inside.

Some individuals remain torn cold,
Between their loneliness and the world.
They fall for the first one who ‘listens’,
Hoping it’s not just part of an act.
They form these false fantasies and dance,
In an aching one-sided romance.

Search in your heart, you know it’s true.
Loving a friend with endless passion,
Where a familiar touch ignites
A solace, unbeknownst to light.
Like a cool breeze, love tends to revive,
In the moments you are by their side.

We miss sights of red roses
And hesitate to lay down.
Blind to the stars above us
And the moments we have found.

Nothing I hear from others
Carries the weight of your words.
Road signs and green lights,
Conducting us farther and closer.

Alan Valle Monagas


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