“Forest’s End” by Alan Valle Monagas

They have been buried
Now. Broken they rest.
Life has gone and hurried,
You said it would be best.

Conversations never cease,
Despite the crashes behind us.
The dead claw their grave and weep,
In awe of what drove us.

These eyes saw behind your mirrors’,
Crossed your persona, like a river.
Your world became clearer,
And naturally, you became dearer.

Gorgeous, green iris, dim forest.
A buried man traveled inside
To see what they left behind.


A cub without a mother,
Loses faith in lovers.

These daunting eyes
Shine a soothing light.
An innocence so charming
It incites my deepest frights.

At the site of forest’s nest
You said “it would be best,
To keep silent,” at ends.

Alan Valle Monagas


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