“Irreversible” by Bryan Marrero

People always think happy endings are the real reason for living. For us the reason of living is enjoying every second, enjoying the present ignoring the future… giving everything until the last seconds. I’m Ryan Wolves, owner of my family’s great marketing companies in Miami.

Recently, I have been planning my wedding with a beautiful woman called Jade Brook. Last week, my fiance asked me if I could go to the doctor with her, but the family business doesn’t let me be there. Instead, went to the doctor on her own. I was setting things right in the company so Jade and I could go to our last vacation before the wedding. Surprise was on its way. I, as always, gave her a special day, giving her a lot of beautiful laughs, smiles and made her happy because nothing was more special than seeing the woman of my life happy. After dinner we decided to take ride in my newest and most modern motorcycle. On our way to the beach an unexpected nightmare started. A truck at high speed lost control and impacted us. My precious woman fell apart and vanished, and I slowly saw how my life and fears mixed together, losing everything in a matter of seconds. Our motorcycle was destroyed and we fell unconscious on the ground bleeding.

Two weeks later I woke up in the hospital. I was desperate, screaming for Jade as I cried with all my forces as I never have in my life. Shadows cover my seconds, broken were my dreams in minutes, speechless were my hours, and depression hugged the fears that I never knew I had. My family told me that she could not survive the accident. The beginning of the darkest day started for me because this heart knows how much I love her. Nothing could be changed, everything was irreversible. After my recovery, I rode my motorcycle so fast and drunk, to relieve my pain on my way to the beach to ask for answers. I was so drunk that I ended up where the accident happened. I saw some kind of medical analysis. I started opening it and saw that it was from the day where I could not go with her to the doctor, because of my office adjustment. The analysis said that she had terminal cancer, the tears start flowing in a tremendous way through my eyes and I started running without a direction, ending up in a beach. There was the gorgeous sun, shining strong, like the light that Jade gave to my life. Jade smiles ends every fear in my life, her look in those eyes created a path to the right way and now I’m here with you, keeping my promise that we will always be together, by your hand no matter what.

Bryan Marrero

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