“Trying to be Different” by Shaed Zapata

There was a city full of selfishness, sadness, fears, anxieties, and a lot of darkness. Above all of that, there was a young guy trying to fight all this darkness, which was an immense one. This young guy was different from the rest of the people; in his heart he had a tiny light which made him strange to others. He was tired of how society lived their lives, and he wanted to change it. Thanks to this style of living, he was afraid of his self.

He didn’t know how to start changing his life, his feelings were a mess. The young guy was longing for someone who could help him get out of that horrible hole he was living. No one wanted to help him, thanks to their fears. They didn’t have that tiny light in their hearts, so they wouldn’t understand the struggle of the young guy. Tired of looking, he decides to stop. His light was disappearing, he didn’t know how to keep moving forward, the darkness was consuming his last hope.

For the first time in his entire life, he was giving up his dreams, he was letting go of his goals, he realized how tired he was of fighting, deciding to follow the stereotypes that already were stipulated. The joy was leaving his heart more and more, and the tiny light was getting even more tiny than before. “This is the only way I can survive,” he said to himself.

Losing his light slowly was the worst feeling he could ever experiment before. Being like everyone wasn’t helping at all. “Why do I have to live like this? I don’t want to be like everyone in here,” he said with anger. Suddenly, a ray of light came from the sky. The young guy was impressed, he couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing. The beam of light enveloped his entire body, feeling a warmth he had never felt before.

He didn’t understand it at first, but then he remembered the light from his heart. He remembered the dreams he had before, his passion to be different from others, his goals, his joy. For the first time, he realized how important it was to be himself. How important it was living without a mask, lies, and fakeness. It was a signal!

The ray of light transformed into a young girl. She was completely radiant, any darkness was inside of her. Her smile, her joy, made him feel a happiness he had not experienced before. “I’m going to help you, I came here to save you from this hell.” She took his hand and started to walk towards the horizon. They walked and walked, until they reached a beach.

At the end of the beach, there was a ruined temple. The young guy did not understand what that might mean, but he felt that he had to trust the girl fully. They approached the ruined temple and noticed that there were names written on one of the walls. The young girl smiled, an action that confused him. “Why did you smile?” He asked. “I smiled because this is our story, this is our future together.” She smiled again and gave him a hug. Finally, for the first time, he felt complete. Thanks to this feeling, all his darkness disappears, transforming into a radiant light.

Shaed Zapata

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