“Ode to Memories” by Jaziel Ríos

Life passes in moments of time
openings and closing of doors
words you’ve spoken, emotions felt
there are no boundaries for something so sublime.

Pieces of then start acting like now
sharing life with ourselves
through you, through lapses of time
in our own minds.

A true blessing, impossible not to avow
being capable of remembering
having the power to re-live departed moments
and not exist alone in now.

How can you be the blessing
yet also be the curse?
perhaps the vulnerability that destroys us
can also be our encouragement.

An experience, a stain, a lifetime
you feel so vivid, so close
so close I can almost be there
like wandering in the twinkling of an eye.

How can you be gone
if you exist at least in a single mind?
remember, remember what it is to live
and to feel alive.

Jaziel Ríos

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