“I Been Feelin’ Like” by Diego Carreira Flores

Lately I been feelin like Im part of a wall,

Nothing special,

People been sayin “Aye man you lookin kinda tall”
But really, deep inside, Im feelin small…

I been tryna break out of my bubble,
But still remain like my man Kendrick, humble
Tryna look at the bigger picture,
Look at the cosmos like I’m Hubble

Wanna make the world move with my ideas, make it wobble

But I run with it and I still fumble
Its like im with my team in a huddle
But I still fall with a single struggle
Its like I can swim out into the ocean
But I still sink in a puddle.

I been feelin like I could reach high, up high

Like I can surf in the clouds with my big bro lookin at me from the sky

But I still cant take off and fly,
And the worst part is that I don’t know why…
Its like something is still pulling me down,
Something that cant see me smile, but frown
And if I don’t fight it, I might just drown

Lately I been feelin small, very small,
With nothing to help me break my fall
And I feel like there is nothing I can do, at all…

Diego Carreira Flores

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