“Unexpected Arrival”

It all began with a strange picture,
Black and white without a figure.
I thought it was only fiction,
Just until you gave me the full description.

I wouldn’t allow it.
I couldn’t accept it.
This sudden change,
That would ruin the almost perfect.

Tears began to pile up,
Until I couldn’t hold them anymore.
My life had just given an unexpected turn,
Taking a path from which I cannot return.

It was explained to me,
Things were going differently.
One plus two equals three
It wasn’t going to be just you and me.

Time runs, time flies,
And suddenly the day arrived.
All it took was a glance,
To know I wouldn’t stand a chance.

It was only a matter of time,
Before your beautiful eyes were fully mine.
And you have the color of my hair,
That’s the first thing we share.

It might have started with a rejection,
But you can’t deny our strong connection.
And with every single conversation,
I give you, and show you my affection.


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