“My Miracle”

Sleepy, tired and bored I was
as I sat in the car.
Wondering to myself what I
was going to do that night,
maybe I’ll end up in some bar.

Eventually we got to church
and there were people sitting
everywhere. In my head I just
wanted to get out of there.

I felt out of place, like I didn’t belong.
little did I know what was going

And there I was sitting barely asleep
not even paying any attention
to the priest.

Next thing I know, he is next to me
walking me up, but the real question
was “how in the world was my hand raised up?”

A few seconds later I’m standing
at the altar next to the priest
He was thanking Jesus and praying
for me.

On the ride home I asked my mother
“mom what did he ask when I raised my hand?”
straight to the point she replied: “oh, he
was just asking who in the room felt
a deep hole in their soul, that needed
to be filled with love from the lord.”


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