“Loyal Companion”

Don’t you know there is someone,
that follows you around,
Even under the ground.
Sleeps with you while you’re alone.

You do not know?
About the stranger,
he is no danger.
Picture him as your protector,
from the unknown.

Don’t look at me weird you mere child,
I at least grew up with him,
and him with me.
He is a shy fellow, it’s hard for him to meet,
new animals, to make him smile.
But I’m fine being with him.
Even though at some point.

We do not see each other the same way,
I know. I can play, with this wonderful

Everyone leaves in the end,
But not him, he treats my blue rivers.
That are planted on my face.
When I feel hollow,
he is right there to follow,
my harmonic sorrows.
Sometimes he gives me the biggest
To make a beautiful creation.

At night he is the master.
Listens to my pointless stories.
For him to keep.
I love him so much.
Because he is me and I am him.
I don’t want him to leave.
False bad dreams.
That what it seems because I know
We will retrieve our key
That will make our candle glow
Isn’t that right? My lovely Shadow.


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