“Three’s a Crowd”

Nerves running wild that night.

Nothing but excitement over the sight

Of the roses on the passenger seat

Waiting for tonight’s treat.

Oh, there she goes

Looking exquisite and she knows.

She’s feeling great and it shows.

One glass of wine, two glasses of wine

Three glasses down, let’s go.

She’s confident, she’s shining,

She takes the lead while I’m driving.

Now there’s a show in the back row,

My eyes are fixed on them and the road.

Body parts flashing out the window

And she keeps improvising as we go.

She was the mastermind, she was the host

Taking care of me and her, both.

Laying new cards on the table

And I was more than able,

Fulfilling her fantasy,

Killing her curiosity,

Satisfying her thirst.

Making this party of three an unforgettable first.


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