“Transhumanism” by Alan Valle Monagas


What is transhumanism?
They have this idea
About making human beings
Higher than God.

How do we define God?
He is not the Almighty Force,
That controls all morality.
God is a lot more disconnected
Than we believe him to be.

Although he exists
Inside of our consciousness,
And he acts inside of us,
Outside of these beings.

What they propose to me
Is this transhumanist project:

Where all human beings coexist,
And all of their consciousness,
And all of these cultures,
and all these differences,
and all these similarities
Are together, inside of one mind
Which controls the entire human race.

And besides, we want to talk about
How we have all evolved,
And we are all ready
For this point of evolution.

Where everybody is interconnected,
But let’s admit the truth,
If we are in the year 2017
And people still want to be

Mean to others because of the color
Of their skin, I think it is
Completely unnecessary to say
We want evolution to lead us this way.

Because in reality, it is all inside
Of the mind of a few people who are
The leaders of this world,
And want to see humanity controlled.

Inside of this one mind,
They are going to choose not to be,
Part of this one mind,
Because they want to control this mind,
And they are going to be the gods.
And we will be the masses,
And that’s going to be control inside this axis.

So don’t be such a fool, and don’t feel controlled,
Even though, they say the words that make you swirl,
And I want to let you know that this is fucking crazy.
Because my individuality and physical body
Are what make me the being that I am,
They are what allow me to be a poet and shaman.

If I want to say that I am, inside this definition,
And even though language is a limited mechanism,
It’s not going to be this next mechanism,
Where this controlling singular mind,
Is going to make this human being evolve,
Like it’s only a matter of time,
But we have to realize that these things we want to make,
Are going to be fire for the human race.

And I admit it, and I love you all for saying this,
For giving me this information and letting me make this,
But Goddamn I love you guys, and I really do, but I
Wish you could feel the way that I do, because
All this love comes from suffering, because without love
I cannot measure my suffering. And without my suffering,
I cannot measure my love. And I realize it’s just going to be
One concept above. And it’s just going to be reason,
So if I share this consciousness with you,
It’s not going to mean anything,
Unless you pay your dues.

We’re all human beings and we have these feelings,
Because that’s what makes us who we are,
Every fucking animal in this world,
And even the vegetable world and the minerals,
Everything has a fucking existence and life,
Because from here, to a couple thousand years,
We’re going to see how it strikes.
It’s a machine, but it’s a machine that we gave life.

Human beings, we are not the highest thing in this world,
Now you want to talk about other aliens in the universe
Who had the same conclusions as us.

Do we want to transcend our own bodies?
When we have not dealt with our own demons.
That’s what I mean, because we still have voices
And treasons, and we have this idea of what love is
And what hate is. How are we going to become one?
While we have heaven and hell?
I still have a lot to live,
And I still draw pleasure from picking fruits off of trees.

While mumbling words gives me ecstatic pleasures,
Saying these things, and knowing and feeling
My hands behind my back, riding the ridges of my spine,
My body runs perfectly inside this society.

And I don’t want to say that we need to evolve beyond that,
even though we might say that this
Is all an illusion,
And there is a higher dimension above this,
Where they view us.
And even if we have to pay dues to a God that doesn’t listen,
I love this world, and I am sure you will too.

Alan Valle Monagas

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