Fernando E.E. Correa


Fernando E.E. Correa is a poet, director, editor and educator from Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico, who is finishing his MA in English Education at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez.

Fernando’s artistic career started as a child, where he found himself wanting to become a video game developer. However, because Fernando was not skilled at mathematics, he decided instead to focus on writing stories. Fernando developed his ideas for characters in his notebooks, which he still keeps at home today. As a teenager, Fernando also practiced drawing comics, before moving on to film.

Fernando’s goal for his stories was to develop a reflection of the different “realities” he lives in. Today, we can see how this influences drives him to write about his culture, surroundings and family within his poetry.

Fernando (“Fen”) also wanted to become a rock and roll star, a fact which drove him to begin writing poetry.  He mentioned wanting to make musical projects in death metal, hardcore punk, rap and even funk bands. He has a multitude of ideas and eclectic tastes, which he funnels into his poetry. For example, Fernando’s love for metal inspired him to collaborate with Anthony Acevedo for their book Sábado Negro, a Spanish translation of Black Sabbath.


Besides poetry, Fernando started his film career making “Jackass-like” videos, which gave him experience editing and directing film projects. Fernando’s favorite movies as a young man were A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and Halloween (1978), which served as his inspiration for his film-themed poetry book, Craven.

Fernando directs, edits and produces music videos as well as short films. He has been working as a filmmaker for over ten years now. His favorite project as a director was the music video for Chagy Vargas’ song “Qué Cosa Más Rara”. Fernando attributes this to how he admires Chagy’s relationship with his girlfriend, which is similar to his own long-distance relationship with his current girlfriend of nine years, Michele.

Fernando’s favorite filmmaking experience was working in Las Lágrimas Negras, because he felt like the crew was a “family of six stuck in an elevator.” As of yet, Fernando has still not been able to play music in a band, but in a certain way, he has shared a similar experience with his filmmaking friends. Fernando frequently collaborates with Edward Andres, Franchesca Alexandra and Alejandro Orengo for film productions. Their filmmaking company is called Producciones Tabaquero.

Fernando has published eleven books of poetry, and recently finished publishing a monthly journal series, after a year of publishing his work. Currently, Fernando has two books up and coming collaborative works: SteFEN, where he collaborated with Steven O. Méndez and Los Tres Reyes which is a collaboration between Fen and two of his students, which drops around December.

Fernando has also worked heavily to chronicle the independant art scene in Puerto Rico, writing about female artists in his series from Her Campus UPRM‘s site, and about other artists through his wordpress site.

You can find Fernando’s poetry books on his Amazon page.

Alan Valle Monagas

This article was originally published in July 16 2017 and was updated on January 29, 2019.

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